The team here at Earthmoving Rentals supply Rippers to suit 1-36 Tonne Excavators.

When it comes to breaking up rock, tarmac, paved areas or any other hard materials, you need a strong and durable Ripper attachment to rip through tough, hard-packed material with a powerful force. They are built for maximum penetration, to tear through tough soil and frozen ground with rugged force. Gussets provide heavy-duty ripping power, and a heavy-duty shank reinforces the attachment structure for maximum up time protection.

The single-point tooth design delivers optimum penetration, ripping through hard solid packed ground and through root systems with ease. And once the ground is loosened, simply replace the ripper attachment with a bucket to finish cleaning the hole. Penetrate, scarify, and remove with the powerful tearing force of the Ripper attachment.